Term 3 Week 7
What a crazy week we had last week, with sleepover and camp. Welcome back to a normal week.

We are reading the story U-Turn this week. Your comprehension task is the google form lower on this page. Check the change to D.E.A.R this week as well.

Term 3 Week 5
We are reading about some interesting characters of the  ancient Greek world this week.

Here is the link to what we are reading.


Term 3 Week 2
Enjoy this week's Olympic themed activities!

Each group will be reading the text "The Sun and Other Inventions." Enjoy - and welcome back!

Week 4 Term 9.
Busy production week this week. Do as much as you can. :)

Week 3 Term 2.
We will be marking last week's activities on Monday and updating snidges. You have the rest of the week to work on these other activities, and your "can do's".

Week 2 Term 2.
Make sure to read all the instructions this week. There are some new things to learn like screenshots. Make sure you use Google classroom for your comprehension questions.
This video has the instructions on how to take a screen shot on a Google chromebook. The instructions  below it shows how to take one an Imac.

Term 2 Week 1 

Welcome back team. This week we are learning something a little different. 
Use the instructions on the slide below to help you create a sound recording of you reading. 
This is to record your best effort at reading with fluency. Make sure it's a good example of how you read because we will be sharing them. 
You will be choosing your own text to read from home, the library or Ara Uenuku. 

You will also create some questions about your story using Google Classroom

There are two different comprehension activities and two different stories this week. The Gryffindors and WIMPY KIDS are reading "BEST MATES" and the GERONIMOS and ASLANSof Mr Carter's reading group are reading "DAS PIANO."

This Short Week (Week 9) Tū is your reading material. You may begin reading this before your teacher workshop. But DO NOT START YOUR COMPREHENSION UNTIL MR C GIVES IT TO YOU. Happy Reading. "The Rules" is the story for your reading this week (Week 7). This link will take you to an online version of your Comprehension Activity. When you are finished Mr C will give you a marking/answer sheet.

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