Wednesday, 3 February 2016

To Parents

We have had a great start to the year and can't wait to get underway with our teaching and learning programme.

At Riverdale and in Poutama we don't give homework for the sake of it. We believe in filling the gaps when necessary and children having some choice in their learning. Once our programme is up and running fully and children begin their self-directed learning (S.D.L) there will be resources and opportunity for children to take their learning home and push themselves further in their learning journey.

On our blog "Parent page" there is some relevant information that might help you with some of the learning your child might be doing at home.

Poutama Parents Page

We always encourage reading at home and will be visiting the Awapuni Library later in the term. In Poutama we are big believers in students reading for pleasure and enjoyment. So if you are looking for some home learning for your child letting them choose a book or magazine they enjoy is a great place to start!

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